The Rebirth Series

Book 1



There are some beings in this world, long thought to be extinct. Some seek to protect them, others want control, but some . . . some are hell bent on their destruction.

Audrey was taken from her father, hidden away from the world, and tortured for five years. She was rescued, but is she really safe, or is there someone else waiting to betray her? Can she trust those who saved her? Can she learn to accept who she really is?

Stone was on a routine mission to extract valuable information from a rival clan of paranormals. Instead, he and his team find something much more valuable: a scarred, damaged young woman who holds many secrets, and whose power is beyond anything they could ever have imagined.There is much more to Audrey than meets the eye and Stone is determined to protect her.

Audrey and Stone are about to find out it’s hard to know who to trust.

~*~*~Re-edited and Revised as of 2017~*~*~

(New Adult, contains language and sexual content. 18+)

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Book 2




~*~*~Re-edited and Revised as of 2017~*~*~

Ancient races, long thought to be extinct, are being reborn.

Elijah, a cold soul feeder, brushed fates with one such creature. The experience left him with a new awareness. He now knows can never return to the emotionless existence he had before and craves what he cannot have. Love.

Valentine’s need to help those in pain has caused her trouble repeatedly but never as much as the day she sees Elijah. His pain runs deeper than anyone she’s ever met. The intensity of the way he watches her, terrifies her, as does the fact that no one else can see him.

With a new world opening before her, Valentine must choose between hiding in the shadows of her old life and reaching within for a power that can change everything she knows.



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Stolen (A Rebirth Prequel Novella)




Xavier is set to protect the dying races. As a fierce gargoyle warrior, he isn’t meant to love deeply.
Drake is the last of his kind, and survival isn’t easy.

Xavier recognizes Drake as his true mate the first time they meet. However, Drake’s tormented past has led him to the wrong woman. Xavier must do what he can to save Drake from the choices he’s made. If Drake’s resentment, fears, and stubborn denial can be overcome, they’ll have a love that could bridge the races.

This isn’t a story of redemption. This is their story.

Warning: This is an adult book. There are exploit scenes of sex, torture, and violence. This isn’t meant for readers under the age of 18. Please note this is a Male/Male Romance.

Author Note: This book takes place before and during Damaged, it can be read before, but I strongly urge that this be read AFTER Damaged. (this isn’t a gimmick or anything, the way the story is set it does do spoilers for Damaged)






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Coming Soon (To the Rebirth Series)

Burned (Rebirth Series 3) – Spring 2017

Marcus & Althea’s Book


Drowned (Rebirth Series 4)

Winter 2017-Spring 2018

Tamed (Rebirth Series 5)

Spring/Summer 2018


Hexed Series

Hexed Hearts


Colette had known all her life that she was half human and half werewolf. She had no expectations of a life filled with love and adventure.
Everything changed on her 21st birthday. A curse casted by witches centuries ago set things in motion, things she could have never imagined. A past that Colette has no clue about has come back to steal her away.
When Hunter, her destined but very unexpected mate, arrives, she is at a complete loss. She must learn to forget an old love and how to make room for a new love.
The curse is being recast and Colette must stop it in order to save the wolves, all the while finding who she really is.

This is a New Adult, there is some subject matter not suitable for those under the age of 18

~*~*~Re-edited as of September 2015~*~*~*~

Link: (note this book is only on KU)


Hunter’s Heart


Cursed by a witch as a child, Hunter struggles daily for control over his beast. The only peace he can find is in the missions he runs as a pack enforcer. Hunting his prey helps subdue his wolf, giving Hunter a brief reprieve from his increasing animalism. Then, he scents her, his mate.

Her presence soothes his wolf but she’s keeping secrets that are pull her away. Hunter must decide if he can live with secrets and fight for the mate he’d never thought he’d have or if the curse will win.

(New Adult. Contains language and sexual content. 18+)


(Note this will be released 3/31/2017)


Mercenaries For Hire

(Please note all these will be only available on KU)



Finally free from her overprotective shifter parents, Eden is ready to discover what it means to live like a human. However, a night out at a club brings her face to face with a shifter mercenary claiming she’s his mark. The human world isn’t all she’d hoped it would be, but it will take a lot more than some hitman to make her give up her freedom and go running home.

Dominic has completed every job he’s ever accepted, gaining respect and notoriety as a mercenary. He lives by his motto: Mercs don’t ask questions; money gets any job done. When he discovers his next mark is human and his mate, he realized there might be something more important than his reputation.




All Winifred wants is a fresh start and a way to earn the money needed to pay off an old debt. But her new job at Lucky gives her more than she bargained for when she accidentally interrupts a fight. With the attention of a group of slave-trading shifters suddenly on her, she knowns she needs help. Yet, accepting help from a mercenary might be just as dangerous as the slave-traders.

Quentin gets paid for his services. Protection. Hitman. Whatever the buyer wants. But when he scents curvaceous Winifred, he knows he’s in trouble and any thought of a paid gig goes out the window. He’ll do anything it takes to keep her safe from the gang hunting her down…because no one messes with a tiger shifter’s mate.




Mazy’s been paying off a loan shark for several years with no problems. However, an attempt to help a friend lands her in a heap more trouble that’s jeopardizing everything. If she doesn’t make her next payment on time, the gang of shifter slave-traders now after her will be the least of her worries. She needs help, but the last person she wants it from is the sexy Cajun shifter who’s been getting under her skin.

Lucas has watched Mazy for a long time. Having a chance to bring her home, even under the pretense of protection is just what the mercenary needs to win her over. Only, she wants nothing to do with him. First chance she gets, she runs, and as he tracks her, he realizes she’s in more trouble than he’d first thought. Nothing will stop him from protecting his mate. Not even her.

Coming Soon to the Merc’s for Hire

Authorized – Winter 2017

Book 5 (untitled at the moment) – Spring 2018



  1. Love the first three rebirth books… Can’t wait for the next, no matter who’s story it is! Is there a release date set for the next book yet? Lol no pressure 🙂 p.s. I actually read damaged, then stolen, then damaged again, and I just got finished reading healed when I decided I HAD to look for your website! Thank you for the great stories, and awesome characters!

    1. That is so very exciting to hear dear!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the book so much!
      Burned – Marcus’ book hopefully May or June
      I know its awhiles away, but I am working on writing it now and I have a standalone coming out before Burned
      I am sosososo thrilled to hear – well read – how much you enjoyed my books ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. When are the rest of these books coming out? I love Damaged and have read it multiple times, and was wondering if your ever going to continue Stone and Audrey’s story?

    1. Hopefully within the next two years (sounds scary i know but let me explain)
      Burned is in edits, and I have two to write afterwards, the hope is Drowned (book 4) will be out at the end of this year, and book 5 the last will be out hopefully early 2018

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