My Totally Unrelated to UtopYA post (with sprinkles of Utopya-ness)

These last couple of months, well really now that I look at it, this first half of this year


Here is another semi-in-depth look into what happened.

I……posted-phoned Hexed Hearts on my own schedule because after much decision with a very good friend of mine, she and I decided I was falling back on a lot of my “bad habits”, and pretty much escape-goats. Making this decision, I pushed back the book by almost three months because my first choice editor at the time was booked for the next couple months.

During that time I was working on the first well quarter of Burned, I was supposed to be working on Tamed, then I ran into a huge plot hole problem, it was messy. So anyways I was working on it and then I was getting antsy about HH, to say i was distracted was an understatement

Jump forward to March, editing time *got my determined face on*
I am not going into specifics here…I was getting nervous and ready for UtopYA (three months left i needed to order swag, books, overall freakout) and things with HH weren’t going great :/

Jump forward to April and HH is pushed back again me and new editor and I are working our bumbums off on this. Not only that but I am making huge decisions in my “non-writing” life. I had been working two jobs and I decided that in the end it would be best for me to go full time at one and drop the other. I didn’t want to leave my first job but I was under way amount of stress so downgrading seemed like the best plan for me. It was, but it was also a bit of a transition.

So Rush through April, and now its May and Hexed Hearts is still being edited, all my time is dedicated to that, and to my new full time position where we had 2 employees leave, and still getting ready for UtopYA

The beginning of June felt like a blur to me. It was a count down to the long awaited UtopYA, it was the release of Hexed Hearts, it was insanity.


UtopYA 2015

rachael and me 1004558_10205756470489395_1059543020804983440_n 1025969_10104630254280126_2742285979930275893_o 10485001_10203994723859538_7531571143167418342_n 10559925_10206919530130555_3763799933468076788_n 11170355_10104630255238206_4077366526191622221_n 11234063_10104630229429926_6093877866809542779_o 11412262_10104630256086506_3966949622938148487_o

It was really amazing this year 🙂
I was so excited to have been able to go and have a half a table all on my own, and try to be a big girl. I clung though. teeheee. I had the best across the table mates, and table mates. I was excited to have gone again this year and I can’t wait for next year. I was so excited to hang with all these people I have been talking to online for months, almost a whole year.
Anyways This was my couple weeks ago and I miss it dearly. This, books, authors, readers, human beings who understand my love for writing and reading, that is my world. I hate to say good bye to it, and have to wait almost another year to go back.

So anyways

Now June is almost done.
Can you believe that? An entire half a year passed already!
People warned me that time goes by faster the older you get, I totally understand that now.

So here is where I am at:

Hunter’s Heart is the companion piece of Hexed Hearts. This is Hexed Hearts in Hunter’s POV, no I don’t have a synponsis ready but I will make one up on the fly for you in a bit. But here is the thing, back in the day before I wrote for publishing purposes, I usually wrote my books in one person’s point of view, *much like Hexed Hearts is written* Here is a fun little tidbit for you, Damaged was the first book I ever attempted to write the Male’s POV much less dual points of view. I found out that I sort of loved it. And I had planned on doing that with HH but Hunter was QUIET, silent, even.
So I pushed on with only Colette’s POV and she was such an amazing character for me that I didn’t really need to do both. BUT then he started to talk a little more than half way through he wanted his story heard.


Alrightie moving on to my on the fly, going to totally change synopsis for my boy Hunter

Hunter’s Heart

The steady rhythm of my feet and my heart.
I had been raised a lone wolf. I had a curse placed on me when I was young, making my wolf more powerful than the man.

Hunter had given up hope of a mate long before he knew what it meant. He had been set on a lone life, as an enforcer, doing what was best for his wolf. He lived by his wolf’s needs.
When a scent his wolf would never forget takes over him he will do anything to find her.
His mate.
What Hunter wasn’t expecting was Colette. A girl with a mysterious past, and an even more dangerous future.

Terrible? Yeah 😉 it needs more work

Anyways I am maybe 1/4 of the way through that. I have been trying to write after I get out of work, before I go into work, on the weekends. I haven’t made a whole lot of progress because I am still recovering 😉

I had to change the order of the Rebirth Series … again
This time Burned was moved forward and Tamed was moved back

So where I am I at with my Rebirth Series?

Currently I am a little more than 1/4 of the way through Burned as well * i am farther word wise in this then Hunter’s Heart* But I am going to tell you all a bit of a secret. I totally considered cutting everything I wrote and starting over. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the beginning. I am still not 100% but I am going to try to move forward in it.

I’ve mentioned before that I HATE writing two things at once because I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere. At the beginning of the year, before everything happened. I was hoping to have Hexed Hearts out two months ago, and Burned into edits by now if not further than that.

I hate to disappoint you all, and you all know that. I just want you all to know that I am working, I am writing and right now I need to write what comes to me. I have been stuck on a spot in Burned for a couple months, granted i haven’t really put much thought into it but since I am off for a couple months from preparing for Conferences or etc. I am working my ass off to move forward in both projects

Please if you want to keep up with me and be updated, I will do my best on the facebook, but I am going to try to do better at turning it off and writing. I feel behind 😦

So I candied up, and turned the facebook off every now and then and have been working

I hope this update helped you all understand where abouts I am and what I am up to

You are all amazing
I hope for those you haven’t checked out Hexed Hearts that you do, and I hope you enjoy it

In Light of a Release

Hello everyone

Have I mentioned I am terrible at keeping up with blogs? Usually I am much better with facebook but if you follow me there you know I have been sort of silent on there as well. Well what gives?

Last time I popped on here it was to give you all some sort of sad news, the release for Hexed Hearts was being pushed back

I know, I know i felt the same way. After struggling with Damaged, and then Damaged again, and then Damaged one more time along with Healed that time around, and Stolen. I thought I had it down this time. I thought i got all my little duckies in a row

Well I thought I did. O.o Crazy duckies

And now Hexed Hearts will FINALLY be releasing on June 8th *yeah two days away less than that really* And I think that most people know the story behind all my um…*problems* but each release should get easier right? It should be clock-work by now because i am releasing – can you believe this because i can’t my FOURTH book

No not that four but that would be nice *.*

I should right? It should be easy as pie?

I’ve actually found for me its getting harder each release. Each release I am trying to find ways to make a bigger splash to, have people see it and notice it. Is that selfish? Probably. But as I am going to begin to jump through hoops to keep my full time job, I realize that yeah i need to do everything i can do to succeed here. Indies say they write because they love it, and its true. But I want this to be what i get to do every day. I don’t want to have to sneak in time here and there and over there. But that means each book has to be better than the next

And that means I have to be better. And that means I have to work a lot fucking harder

But I am finding that sometimes I keep running into the same problem

Over and over and over again.

I am not even going to lie there as been multiple times I have thought about stopping. Like legit sending out the last book into the cyber world then closing up shop. It would be a lot easier. I wouldn’t have so much stress and I would sure as hell have a lot more money. *yeah you read that right* This is not a get rich scheme. Hell I just want enough that i could live off of while still being able to cut back part time or *gasp* quit my day job

Anyways I will get off my high horse

The point of this post is to say this: I have run into many problems, even with this book right now, with my new kickass editor. And I still keep trying. I am running myself through the wringer, because at the end of the day, yeah if I reach one reader to messages me and tells me that my first book – my hidden shame *yes i call it that, yes we all have that one book we look at and think, I wish i could have done it differently* made them fall in love with reading again.

It’s worth it.

So this is my long-winded way of saying come Monday June 8th when my fourth book is release I will be proud of what I have done. I worked my ass off, and a – well practically a village worked their asses off for me as well – For that I am proud.



I am in the cone of shame

For why you ask?
Because yet again I set up a release day and I am blowing right through it
Well the hope is that one day I will get this right 😉

So let me explain what happened. First off, no I am not going to say names, and please don’t ask because I am not here to attack just to explain the situation.

So the beginning of January Hexed Hearts was through betas, and all done being written and was supposed to go off to the editor. I <– me — after having a discussion with who I consider my mentor, friend, and all around amazing person, decided it would be best if I went through it one more time, Really go in there and flesh it out, try to pick apart my bad-habits.
I agreed, only to find out my editor was booked up until March. Well because of *obvious* issues I had, had in the past I agreed to just wait, push back my original *in mind date* All the while this was happening, in real life I was getting use to working two jobs, paying bills, and just trying to get other writing in but I was honestly having writers block. I felt a lot stuck too because HH was on the back-burner when I knew that it was ready for an editor.
All the while *this does have something to do with the overall story i promise* I found out that a friend of mine from way back when actually started his own editing service. I was super excited to hear about it and told him I would keep him in mind for later works but I already had set something up with a different editor for HH
so that is what I was going to do.
I made it through a freezing February

And March was here! I was ecstatic! Editor had HH and I was going to write, and wait patiently for editor to finish. I am not here to place blame, and I am not here to dirty anyone’s name, hence why I am NOT going to say the name but you deserve to hear what happened and why I am behind.
Our three weeks were up and I didn’t have anything from editor. We talked and in the end we had to go our separate ways.
So what did this mean for me? I had a partially edited book, and a creeping deadline.

So yeah I was so not freaking out or anything. All the while I had been working on my secret project with a bunch of other amazing authors which by the way is coming VERY VERY SOON


*wink wink*

I had been working with that friend from way back when on these edits to see how we worked together. Well it turns out, he is really good for me. He pushes me, and makes me do better. Well I begged and pleaded *pretty much just asked* if he could help me out with Hexed Hearts. He went looked through the partially edited copy I had and decided it would probably be best we just start over. Each editor, edits different ways, and I agreed to do that.

So where does this put us? This was happening in the last week of march/ first week of April. so new editor and I began work on HH, but have I mentioned that this book is big? Like a lot bigger than any other of my books (aka 122000 words to give you a reference 389 pages in word (double spaced)

I KNOW! Crazy!

Here is the thing, I wanted this release to go so, so right and so amazing because I am beyond proud of the book I had produced. So i signed up with Xpresso Tours for a book blitz/release blitz thing which was supposed to be happening in four days (that was the deadline for us)

I made the very tough decision to cancel the book blitz for now, I am rescheduling that, but the reason I canceled is because I honestly don’t think we will finish HH and do the job that it deserves if we try to squish it into four days being we are on chapt 12-14 out of 32

So yeah.

I am not trying to place blame on editor 1, I am not. Because I was the one who pushed off in the beginning of the year, and shit happens. I get that.
I wish i could say that I could pull a miracle out of my ass but here is the thing, I told you all that editor 2 really pushes me. And he does. I am even more proud of HH and all the work we have done on it so far that I hope you all understand that as much as I want to give this you like three days ago, I am thinking it might be a little longer

Trust me when I say this sucks. It really does. I was expecting at this time of the year to be finishing up the last bits of Burned and getting it prepared for betas and editor.

Like I said though life happens, shit happens.
Both editor and I have other jobs, and other things going on in our lives that as much as i wish i could say we could spend every waking moment on this, we can’t. I wouldn’t ever ask him of that either.

I can’t promise a date yet.
I am so sorry. I can’t even explain how sorry I am.

So in other news! (happier news)
I have just ordered a whole slew of swag that i am very excited about
And i got a banner! I am going to wait to reveal that until I get the physical one here!
But i got a new fancy logo that I am head over heels with!
LogoIt’s it amazing?!?!?!?!
I love it!
Anyhoops I am still working two jobs but that might be changing soon and i might be downgrading to one but upgrading to full time. It sucks but it would guarantee me two days off which means two full days of just writing stuff! EEEE!!
I have been working on a very special treat for UtopYA that I am hoping I will be able to do at other cons!
pssst its a Rebirth Paranormal Personality Quiz 😉
And I have that short coming out very soon!! I can’t wait for you all to meet Dom and see my more saucy side 😉

Cover Reveal: Hexed Hearts by Becca Vincenza (me!!)

Hexed Hearts - Banner 1
Title: Hexed Hearts
Author: Becca Vincenza
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Late March/Early April
Cover Designer: Airicka’s Mystical Creations

Hexed Hearts - Amazon


Colette had known all her life that she was half human and half werewolf. She had no expectations of a life filled with love and adventure.

Everything changed on her 21st birthday. A curse casted by witches centuries ago set things in motion, things she could have never imagined. A past that Colette has no clue about has come back to steal her away.

When Hunter, her destined but very unexpected mate, arrives, she is at a complete loss. She must learn to forget an old love and how to make room for a new love.

The curse is being recast and Colette must stop it in order to save the wolves, all the while finding who she really is.

This is a New Adult, there is some subject matter not suitable for those under the age of 18

Goodreads Link:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00005]

I took in a huge breath and stuck out my hand.

“Colette Doe, and you are?” I waited. Yellow eyes didn’t move his arms from their resting place in front of his chest.

“Your mate.”

Well this was going to be more fun than I thought.

“I am trying here. Can you please?” I asked. I jutted my arm out again as if emphasizing the fact that I was standing there like an idiot.

“Hunter Felan,” he said. Hunter took a step closer finally letting his arms drop but he didn’t take my hand in his.

“Awesome, you have a name yellow eyes.” I said with a smile.

Hunter narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t call me that,” he said. He moved a little closer.

“What? Don’t like that pet name? How about growly voice? It is the only name I had for you since I met you.”

At that remark he snarled and moved into my space.

“You would have known my name before if you had asked.” He said through clenched teeth. His eyes flashed.

“I was partially unconscious since I’ve known you, thanks to you.” I said. My eye twitched, my body started to hum with anger.

“How the fuck was I supposed to know you pack-bonded with another wolf?”

I narrowed my eyes this time. A comeback was coming I could feel it. He waited, he looked like he was ready to let his firm line of a mouth relax, and a triumphant look in his eyes started to shine. When it hit me and I leaned back on my heels a satisfied smile spread across my lips.

“When I started to scream in pain because I was being ripped away from him. Unless you think so lowly of yourself, that I would cry just being pulled to you.” As satisfied as I was that I thought I won this, he looked more pleased by the second.

“So indirectly you just told me you find me attractive.” His mouth was now in a relaxed smile.

“I didn’t imply that, at all.” I sputtered.

“You did.” He was moving closer and closer.

Somehow my back found the wall, and my chest was about to be pressed against his. I looked up from the middle of his chest to his eyes. I swallowed hard. My heart took on a new beat, and butterflies flocked my stomach. My eyes collided with his and my wolf came to the surface. I had never felt her so strongly before. It was like she was looking out of my eyes for me, and seeing his wolf who also seemed to be right on the edge of his skin.

“She finds me attractive.” He whispered brushing his knuckles against my cheek.

Where his knuckles touched, I felt a trail of heat following. My knees never felt so weak. My eyelids had a mind of their own and started to shut from his delicate touches. My body seemed to bow at its own will. My lips suddenly felt too dry. I thought about licking them but I quickly stopped that thought from forming.

Black Logo

About the Author:

Becca Vincenza lives in wonderful Michigan. She has a love for Skittles, rainbows, Star Wars, and reading about hot men. When she’s not wearing her author hat, she’s working to pay off her student loans for her recently acquired English degree. She recently released the two books in her Rebirth Series and is set to release the third at the end of the year.

Stalker Links:

Amazon: Pinterest:

Synopsis Reveal and all that Jazzzz

Yeah excited right? Did you see that right, synopsis reveal?!


It’s here finally! The synopsis reveal for Hexed Hearts

Let me put this out here first though

I know I am evil 😉

Kay here it goes: Hexed Hearts IS NOT – i repeat – IS NOT part or connected to the Rebirth Series AT ALL

This is a standalone novel, that I do sincerely hope people see and read as a standalone. But because I am crazy and an author there is no way in hell I could possibly let this book stand all alone in this beautiful awesome universe I created. So there will be a companion piece for this novel in the male’s POV – cause yup you guessed it, this is completely in one persons POV. Unfortunately my main man in this book decide to be come quite loud about a half way through. I am a firm believer if starting a series or book a certain way (aka in one POV) to keep it that way. Hence why all the Rebirth Series will always be in two peoples POVS, and why any book that may *cough cough probably cough cough* follow in this “series” will also be in ONE person’s POV. Its a personal choice. I am sure readers don’t care but i honestly do, it isn’t a make or break when i read something but it does bother me some. We all have preferences right?

So I will stop talking FINALLY and give you the synopsis

Hexed Hearts by Becca Vincenza

Expected Release Date: Early-ish 2015

Genre: NA Paranormal Romance (shocker I know)

Colette had known all her life that she was half human and half werewolf. She had no expectations of a life filled with love and adventure.
Everything changed on her 21st birthday. A curse casted by witches centuries ago set things in motion, things she could have never imagined. A past that Colette has no clue about has come back to steal her away.
When Hunter, her destined but very unexpected mate, arrives, she is at a complete loss. She must learn to forget an old love and how to make room for a new love.
The curse is being recast and Colette must stop it in order to save the wolves, all the while finding who she really is.

This is a New Adult, there is some subject matter not suitable for those under the age of 18

Author Note: This is currently a standalone with a companion novella in Hunters POV following sometime later

Add to Goodreads Now: (if you want)



hexed hearts hexed hearts2

oh how did that second one get there! OOPIES!! 😉

Rock on Readers ❤
until next time

Stolen Release Day Blitz and Healed is on SALE!!!

unnamed (6)

Title: Stolen (A Rebirth Prequel)
Author: Becca Vincenza
Release Date: Winter 2014
Genre: Adult Paranormal
Cover Designer: Airicka Mystical Creations
Warnings: Language, sexual content, abuse and violence
Formats: eBook & paperback

Stolen - Amazon Front Cover

Author Note: This book takes place before and during Damaged, it can be read before, but I strongly urge that this be read AFTER Damaged. (this isn’t a gimmick or anything, the way the story is set it does do spoilers for Damaged)

Xavier is set to protect the dying races. As a fierce gargoyle warrior, he isn’t meant to love deeply.
Drake is the last of his kind, and survival isn’t easy.
Xavier recognizes Drake as his true mate the first time they meet. However, Drake’s tormented past has led him to the wrong woman. Xavier must do what he can to save Drake from the choices he’s made. If Drake’s resentment, fears, and stubborn denial can be overcome, they’ll have a love that could bridge the races.
This isn’t a story of redemption. This is their story.

Warning: This is an adult book. There are exploit scenes of sex, torture, and violence. This isn’t meant for readers under the age of 18. Please note this is a Male/Male Romance.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00005]


~*~*~*~BUY LINKS~*~*~*~*~

Amazon UK


Get caught up in the series:

Damaged - Amazon Front Cover

Damaged for Free:
There are some beings in this world, long thought to be extinct. Some seek to protect them, others want control, but some . . . some are hell bent on their destruction.

Audrey was taken from her father, hidden away from the world, and tortured for five years. She was rescued, but is she really safe, or is there someone else waiting to betray her? Can she trust those who saved her? Can she learn to accept who she really is?

Stone was on a routine mission to extract valuable information from a rival clan of paranormals. Instead, he and his team find something much more valuable: a scarred, damaged young woman who holds many secrets, and whose power is beyond anything they could ever have imagined.There is much more to Audrey than meets the eye and Stone is determined to protect her.

Audrey and Stone are about to find out it’s hard to know who to trust.

Buy Links:


Healed - Amazon Front Cover

Healed (Rebirth #2) – 2.99  ON SALE 99 CENTS
The race is on to find the Rebirth paranormals.

Elijah doesn’t have feelings. He doesn’t care, nor does he empathize, until the day Audrey was found. While searching her mind telepathically, things suddenly changed for him. He never imagined that he would face all the emotions plaguing him. Now he is on a mission to find the rumored Rebirth creature. What happens when a creature never meant to feel anything suddenly becomes attached to another?

Valentine always knew there was something…different about her. While she hated even the thought of blood, she loved to help those in need. She felt an instant connection with her patients and always strived to save lives. Her adoptive sister always told her that she cared too much. That she couldn’t save everyone. And now there is a colder than ice man in her life that won’t go away, and won’t take no for an answer. The problem is, she never wanted to push him away, even though she knows he will be her downfall.

Buy Links:
UK Link:

About the Author:

Black Logo

Becca Vincenza lives in wonderful Michigan. She has a love for Skittles, rainbows, Star Wars, and reading about hot men. When she’s not wearing her author hat, she’s working to pay off her student loans for her recently acquired English degree. She recently released the two books in her Rebirth Series and is set to release the third at the end of the year.

Stalker Links:








Let Me Explain

Before we get the pitch forks and torches out let me explain

So I am trying to get better at keeping up here, and keeping up on facebook with post and what nots.
Most of you know I work at two other jobs – if you didn’t know you do ^.^
And I am not quite sure why but anytime I decide to come to the basement to catch up on TV – while I try to write – I always decide to write a blog post – sooooo I should try to catch up on TV more often is what I am saying 😉 cause then I get on here to write an explanatory blog to you all wonderfuls who I adore.

So heres the happs!

This coming Saturday – November 8th is so very exciting! Why?
Because I am going to an signing! I don’t want to say my “First” but it sort of is my first. I know I went to UtopYA got a featured spot at Carlyle L.’s table, we have been through this, but this is the first time I will be on my own, and there exclusively for me! O.O <— yes shakes in boots!

Besides mine aren’t baby seal…..O.O

So if you are in Michigan and close enough by please come and support me and many other MI authors!
here is more info:


Here is the deal awhile back I gave you a better understanding of where the Rebirth Series was headed, and what I was planning for releases. BUT

This is one of the reasons I don’t put my books up on GR (Goodreads) before I actually start writing them and I am more than half way through – even then sometimes I do put it up until I am DONE writing the thing…why? Because I …

A pantser

What does this mean?

A pantser: (Becca’s definition) – A pantser is a writer who doesn’t plot, they write as they go and hope for the best. New ideas come to them as they write.

A pantser: (An official definition) – A NaNoWriMo term that means that you ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ when you are writing your novel. You have nothing but the absolute basics planned out for your novel.
(sourced from urban dictionary)

So what this means for me, is that while I thought I had the Rebirth Series all figured out now. I didn’t.
Let me explain, when I started to write Damaged it was actually derived from *dramatic music* Hexed Hearts!
Crazy I know (Hexed Hearts is that werewolves/witches book I have been working on) The idea of Audrey came from the beginning of Hexed Hearts. Weird I know. Anyways Damaged was originally going to be a standalone, then these two characters started to come alive, and this whole new idea formed – and TA-DA Rebirth Series

Here is some even more craziness! Book two was originally supposed to be Nixie’s! buuuttt her story wasn’t coming to me, instead Elijah of all people was practically SCREAMING at me. So I took out Nixie’s epilogue and inserted Elijah’s. This is where the – me being a pantser comes into play – and also just being a writer.

Let’s take a second to detour real quick.


They come in all shapes and sizes, but here is the thing, if you force writing, more times than not it feels forced. I understand that the indie community has started to spoil readers and trust me I am in on this with you other readers! Give me my next book in my series like yesterday please and thank you! We as indie authors can do that now, we can produce than one book in a series a year, hell some people are crazy enough to FINISH series in one year. BUUTTT sometimes authors get stuck and that is when they produce that random other book during your series.

Well here I am going to let you in on a secret

Author’s muses run and decide the game. A lot of times I know authors say its their authors that are their muses at the time. Well that is true for me.

Obviously – because you notice what Elijah did? He took. He took his spot as the next in the series. So back to that-ness, yeah circled back 😉

Here is the thing Amani who one of my favorite new characters sort of started out really loudly at the end of Healed has become extremely quite while a sultry, new accented voice as started up….






So after thinking about it… I realized something actually really important to the plot of the ENTIRE series. Actually a HUGE plot hole. HUGE HUGE HUGE PLOT HOLE one that even with the help of my friend Desiree DeOrto I still don’t feel comfortable with. So after talking to Jennifer my new PA and taking a couple days to really think about it – because I didn’t think when I made the first decision.

Tamed – (Amani’s book) is being flipped with

Burned – (Marcus’ book) so next to release – after Stolen will be – Burned. I honestly sat down thought and “plotted” as much as I could and I feel very good about this decision. I realize that some people were VERY excited about Ami’s book and I am sorry I was all for writing her book but …. :/ this feels more right to me.

I understand that Healed has Amani’s epilogue

So I have a few options I can

1) Pull Amani’s epilogue from Healed and insert Marcus’s which will be posted here as well
B ) Write Marcus’s epilogue in Stolen
III) Reveal Marcus’s epilogue here on my blog

So that is my biggest newest news to share right now.

Like I said I realize that this might upset some readers but in the end I have to do what is going to be best for my series and what my “muse” demands of me.