New Projects

Hunter’s Heart

Cursed by a witch as a child, Hunter struggles daily for control over his beast.  The only peace he can find is in the missions he runs as a pack enforcer.  Hunting his prey helps subdue his wolf, giving Hunter a brief reprieve from his increasing animalism.  Then, he scents her, his mate.

Her presence soothes his wolf but she’s keeping secrets that are pull her away.  Hunter must decide if he can live with secrets and fight for the mate he’d never thought he’d have or if the curse will win.

Releasing February 2017


 The Mercenaries For Hire Series


All Winifred wants is a fresh start and a way to earn the money needed to pay off an old debt. But her new job at Lucky gives her more than she bargained for when she accidentally interrupts a fight. With the attention of a group of slave-trading shifters suddenly on her, she knowns she needs help. Yet, accepting help from a mercenary might be just as dangerous as the slave-traders.

Quentin gets paid for his services. Protection. Hitman. Whatever the buyer wants. But when he scents curvaceous Winifred, he knows he’s in trouble and any thought of a paid gig goes out the window. He’ll do anything it takes to keep her safe from the gang hunting her down…because no one messes with a tiger shifter’s mate.

Releasing January 2017



Mazy’s been paying off a loan shark for several years with no problems. However, an attempt to help a friend lands her in a heap more trouble that’s jeopardizing everything. If she doesn’t make her next payment on time, the gang of shifter slave-traders now after her will be the least of her worries. She needs help, but the last person she wants it from is the sexy Cajun shifter who’s been getting under her skin.


Lucas has watched Mazy for a long time. Having a chance to bring her home, even under the pretense of protection is just what the mercenary needs to win her over. Only, she wants nothing to do with him. First chance she gets, she runs, and as he tracks her, he realizes she’s in more trouble than he’d first thought. Nothing will stop him from protecting his mate. Not even her.

Releasing March 2017




After months of being in coma, Mallory is finally awake and in more danger than ever. The loan shark who had kept her alive doesn’t want payment. He wants her as his mate. Stolen only hours after awakening, her only hope for rescue lays in a stranger’s voice, she can barely remember.

Apollo only needs to watch over the girl in the hospital bed to repay a debt. However, there’s something about her that calls to his wolf. When the girl is taken, Apollo will do anything to get her back. Sweet Mallory is his, and he isn’t letting her go without a fight.


Releasing May 2017


    1. Hey hun! sorry i just checked this….i really need to get on here! Apollo and Mallory’s story is in the works right now should be out early next year (2017)

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