Updates, Updates, Updates

So in case you were worried, I am not died….yet XD

Bad joke….

Anyways so as of right now, I am hard at work with school, work, literary haven, writing book two, hehe yes writing book two you read that right, christmas shopping, pretending to christmas shop and pretending to get these final papers done for school. It’s all a bit hectic. 

So Damaged. Last beta is finishing up she has updated me and she is HOPING the 15th. We shall see, then I have to go through it, and do my own personal creative edits as I call them, then editor needs to go through it one last time, THEN THEN THEN THE ALL SCARY, ALL INTIMIDATING …..PUBLISH BUTTON….O.O EEP. 

So what does that mean? That means hopefully we can get this bad boy out you by the first week of January, at the very latest the second week, I am not going to say an exact date until I get it back in my hands, and I start working on edits myself. Sorry :/ but book two is trucking along and hopefully I can get it out sooner than it took me to do Damaged 😉 I have been stringing you lovelies around for awhile now and I hope you know all know much this means to me I have some people that are just eager as hell to get it and I am eager as hell – sort of – to get out to you ❤ 

So this might be the last post before the end of the year, I will try to get something up about New years eve 😉 haha but happy/merry holidays, whatever you are doing 😉 

thank you all for being so patient and awesome 


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